The International Profiler

The International Profiler (TIP) helps you to get better results in your work as a global professional.

TIP is a web-based questionnaire and a feedback process developed by WorldWork Ltd. It measures the focus and energy you put into specific areas in your international business relationships. This allows you to understand the impact you are having on people and results in your current role.

By taking your context and specific goals into account, in a debriefing session with Myriam Callegarin you understand how to avoid pitfalls, overcome obstacles, and make the most of your natural talents to produce the results you want for yourself and your organization.

“I was in a crucial moment of a change-management process of my European sales team.

In a very short time, reviewing my scores of The International Profiler with Myriam Callegarin I understood how my communication to my team was preventing the whole change-management process from moving forward. We worked on how I could use my strengths to improve the situation and change my communication to my team. The result was extremely good and I could see the change in the opening of my team, and the first successes were visible within a few months.”
• Roberto Mauro, Sales Director Industrial Solutions EMEA, Retail Branding and Information Solutions at Avery Dennison, Munich (Germany)

How it works

The International Profiler combines a world-class psychometric online questionnaire and an in-debth debriefing process, helping you to create an effective Personal Development Plan. Thus, you gain immediate clarity about what you need to focus on to become a highly effective global leader.


  • Fast:

Within a very short time frame you understand what is sabotaging your success, and what you can do to turn things around and increase your effectiveness in your international role.

  • Targeted:

Instead of trying standard trainings and workshops, The International Profiler allows you to design the most effective development solution for yourself as a global leader, as well as for your local or global team.

  • Cost-effective:

Compared to the high costs associated with misunderstandings, conflicts, delay or even failure of your international projects, the investment in The International Profiler and the debriefing process is only a small fraction.

Who has been using The International Profiler?

So far, over 13,000 international managers and professionals working in multinational corporations such as AGIP, Barclays Bank, Cisco Systems, Continental, Deutsche Bank, ENI, Henkel, Lufthansa, McKinsey & Company, Nestlé, Shell International, Siemens, Telecom Italia, and several more.

Contact us to learn how The International Profiler could help you and your organization as well.

  • What people say

    "Myriam has an amazing way of sharing powerful insights that engages everyone around her."
    William Arruda
    President of Reach Personal Branding, New York (USA)
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