Myriam Callegarin has had the privilege of coaching and training talented global leaders, corporate expatriates and high potentials working in multinational corporations such as Daimler, ENEL, ENI, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Magneti Marelli, SKF, Siemens, Telecom Italia, and several more. She has also enjoyed coaching emerging women leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world to develop their global careers and businesses. Following are a few testimonials, published with her clients’ permission.

“I met Myriam when I moved to Italy to lead a new team in my organization. The challenge for me was to understand and adapt to the Italian culture as I was going to work in this country for 5 years. Myriam is a very professional consultant and her understanding of people helped me overcome my own paradigms. Later I hired Myriam to facilitate two team development workshops. What I appreciate most about Myriam is her professionalism, accountability, the way she relates to people, her humbleness, the methodology she uses, and above all her determination to make things work. If I were asked whether I would recommend Myriam as a coach, facilitator or trainer I would answer: Absolutely and securely!”
• Mihaela Ariseanu, Director of Consultancy and Project management at Roche Diagnostics Italy

“I had the opportunity to attend one of Myriam’s lectures in International Management as part of the CUOA Executive MBA educational program. 
It has been a great and unique experience for me and I believe for the entire class! Thanks to her relevant working experience in several countries Worldwide, Myriam has effectively led all participants through a really exciting and addictive International Learning Journey. By switching from theoretical notions to role-playing games, she successfully transferred the pillars of her great and important knowledge to all of us, so that we could immediately apply and develop the newly learned concepts in our daily working life. 
Myriam with her competencies, communication skills and great standing is an example of professionalism and could really help all those who are facing difficulties and need guidance in navigating the insidious waters of this big ocean which is International Management. 
I want to thank Myriam for having significantly contributed to my personal development.
• Alessandro Del Maschio, Regional Manager Mediterranean at Synventive Molding Solutions

“I was in a crucial moment of a change-management process of my European sales team. In a very short time, reviewing my scores of The International Profiler with Myriam Callegarin I understood how my communication to my team was preventing the whole change-management process to move forward. We worked on how I could use my strengths to improve the situation and change my communication to my team. The result was extremely good and I could see the change in the opening of my team and the first successes were visible within a few months.”
• Roberto Mauro, Sales Director Industrial Solutions EMEA, Retail Branding and Information Solutions at Avery Dennison, Munich (Germany)

“Myriam’s experience with the Italian culture helped me much to understand and correctly interpret the behaviour of my Italian colleagues. The conversation went beyond pure cultural awareness training and supported my business needs very well.”
• Dominik Bolten, Head of Engineering and Maintenance at Roche, Segrate (Italy)

“I learned a lot, and I appreciated your professionalism, your enthusiasm and your engagement. I also appreciated your great patience and predisposition. I did not know what to expect from this training but I am afraid that after working with you, if I continue to move across countries and cultures throughout my career, and I have new cultural training my expectation for other trainings will be too high! :) You know how coming to a new place by yourself can have its challenges. You are making this process much easier. Thank you very much.”
• Senior Scientist and Business Development Manager moving to Italy for a global pharmaceutical company

“I hired Myriam because I was struggling to set a new direction for my company after a major crisis. In only 3 weeks, Myriam helped me to regain confidence in myself as a leader, I improved my relationship with the board, and created structures for my employees. Now I feel full of energy and ready to take my company to the next level.”
• CEO of a jewelry design and manufacturing company, Milan (Italy)

“Myriam is a superbe coach. During the 8 weeks we worked together she was able to deeply listen to my needs, support me to identify the critical topics and allow me to unfold them towards a concrete and personalized action plan. We worked in parallel on professional and personal topics. Myriam was very professional and personal at the same time. She equipped me with tools that were easy to understand and apply but at the same time very powerful. She was a lighthouse in the midst of my professional and personal navigation. I am know implementing the action plan and feeling inspired and empowered to follow it. Thanks Myriam!”
• Luisa Boaretto, Change Manager EMEA at Dow Chemical, Zurich (Switzerland)

“Myriam’s help was invaluable. I recently moved from the US to Europe and was preparing for an interview in a new culture and preparing to articulate my background in the best and clearest light. The questionnaire helped me deal with some of the tough questions and anticipate what I would be asked. It was very robust and covered all things that I needed to prepare for.
Thank God for Myriam. She pushed on all my sensitive areas and that was EXACTLY what I needed to make sure I was ready for anything and to present my most confident self. She helped me help myself craft my perfect messaging. After working with her I felt ready, confident, clear, articulate, powerful.

• Jennifer Anton, Marketing Manager, Budweiser & Becks at Anheuser-Busch InBev (London, UK)

“The very first coaching session I had with Myriam really changed my life and opened the door to experiences and developments I literally only had dreamt about before. Moreover, I am especially thankful for Myriam’s practical tips and help in the form of ready-to-use templates, checklists and articles. Also, I especially enjoyed the session in which we talked about work-life-balance.
Myriam is a very good listener and is able to listen with all senses. She gives structure to even the most confusing statements I as a coachee make, and picks up the real issues behind those statements. Finding suitable solutions within a short time is another amazing strength, as well as her very good knowledge of sales and marketing issues.
My business plan has been growing almost on its own and I am impressed about how far I have come in the last couple of months. And this was only possible because of Myriams professional guidance.
Myriam has met my expectations completely and has, moreover, been very supportive and helpful even with issues that had risen “on the side” of the actual coaching purpose. Thank you, Myriam.”

Gabriele Feile, transitioned from a management position in Dubai to owner of her own business, www.kommboutique.com – Germany

“I have never been more confident and well prepared as this time. (…) Another thing was what we talked about, that I am there to interview them and not to defend myself. This was excellent! It did not take me long to figure out some well legitimate questions and it made all the difference. (…) One of the interviews did go extremely well and it was definitely my dream job. By extremely well I mean that I was able to communicate on a much higher level. (…) Since we talked I have moved back home to Stockholm and started working within Sales. Its a very nice job and I enjoy it alot. In 2010 you made a great difference for me, I truly recommend your services. ”
• Mikael Miglis, Sales Representative at ABB, Stockholm (Sweden)

“The one-day workshop was perfect for me to clarify what is really important to me. I realized that things I saw as a deficit are a benefit in fact.”
T.L., Sales Executive at Daimler AG, Stuttgart (Germany)

“When I first started working with Myriam I felt like a clogged sink, barely any movement at all. Now everything is flowing like water.
I wanted to learn how to build my own coaching business. I had no business building experience and didn’t know where to begin. I had a lot of thoughts and ideas of what I wanted. I even had some drafts of what I wanted for my business, but everything was on paper and in my head. I was overwhelmed by it all and wasn’t sure what direction I needed to go in.
In the ‘One Month in Action Program’ Myriam helped me move from a non-productive partnership, get my website together and figure out other services I wanted to provide to my clients when my business finally gets off the ground.
My sessions with Myriam left me feeling creative and energized. Also, days after I had thoughts and answers come up based on questions asked or things discussed during our sessions.
Myriam is a great listener, she’s intuitive, and her ability to ask the right questions based on what she was feeling about what I said and didn’t say helped a great deal.
Her question “what are you afraid of?” is what made me really think and re-evaluate my wanting to partner with someone else. That question is what made me decide to move on from the partnership and since then things have been flowing very nicely for me. Not to mention, a day later is when the real answer came up for me. A great “Aha” moment.
I would highly recommend Myriam as a coach and mentor. Working with her was truly a great experience and one I will always appreciate. Thank you!!

Nicole Avery, Certified Professional Coach, Atlanta (USA)

“Thank you Myriam, it was really a wonderful session. You helped me discover & believe in myself, my abilities..I am not as bad i thought i am :) You helped get me clear on my roadmap on journey to help people realise their dreams! Just to keep you updated : i have signed up to become ACC !”
Ravindra Joshi, Business Performance Consultant, Bengaluru (India)

“I was feeling stuck with my business idea, I was overwhelmed and felt that I was one step behind with all aspects of my project. I needed some clarity on where to go and how to apply my skills in a practical way.
In the One-Month in Action program Myriam helped me to focus, brought clarity and structure. Our sessions brought me a lot of insights! I appreciated a lot her ability to keep me on track, her structured approach during each session helped me to stay focused.
Myriam is a deep listener yet she is focused on the results and makes sure we are going in a right direction together. If you want to get your business idea off the ground or to simply look for some clarity in a professional field – Myriam is the one you ought to talk to!”

Yana Fry, Singapore

“I have been amazed by your super organization via internet staying in contact, stimulating responses giving bits of info and all the huge amount of work you have been doing to pull us in. Besides what you have suggested is the first concrete intelligent advice and I was impressed not just psycho bla bla but real advice about how to view business”
• Nancy Fina
Fashion and Advertising Photographer,
Milan (Italy)
Participated in the ‘Transform Your Business’ two-week program in November 2010

“Myriam is the consummate business professional – intelligent, innovative, creative, and diligent. It is a pleasure working with her and her team at MCXtend to open up new markets and business opportunities for clients in Italy. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a seasoned professional in business consulting and coaching.
Dave Warar CEO of Global Strategy INC.
Libertyville, IL (USA)

“I was fortunate to have seen Myriam in action during some work we were doing for the ICF. She is extremely creative and thoughtful in her communications and has an amazing way of sharing powerful insights that engages everyone around her. She is collaborative and a true team player. Although I have not been coached by her, I can tell she is a extremely valuable resource for her clients. Myriam is quite impressive!”
William Arruda President of Reach Personal Branding
New York, NY (USA)

“Based on the initial session I had with Myriam, I was expecting great things. I expected that I would be able to accomplish all my goals. I now know that I made the right choice in choosing to work with her as my coach, because not only did I accomplish my goals, Myriam was EXCELLENT in supporting me to meet my expectations and then she was able to move me much further beyond those initial goals to achieve much more. Myriam is a true GEM and I believe the coaching profession will be greatly served with her as an ambassador to this great profession. Myriam has a great coaching presence and she is a fantastic listener. Her calming voice and inquisitive straight forward style serve her well in establishing trust and intimacy with her clients. I believe she has what it takes to be an outstanding coach.”
Tyree Harris Sr., MS Ed., PC Owner of  Empowered Directions, LLC Life Coaching & Training
Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

“I have always found Myriam to be a bright, cheerful leader who loves what she does and puts her heart and soul into her work. Myriam is of a gentle supportive spirit and uses her talents to draw out peoples strengths. I would recommend Myriam on many levels. I feel she has a lot to offer people on a personal and professional level. Myriam is a jewel in society, someone to be appreciated and respected. I wish her all the best in everything she puts her hand too – Jacqueline”
Jacqueline Kelly deDowns
Founder of ‘Affluent Business Professionals’ and ‘Nicaraguan Kids in Need’ (UK)

“When I realised that I needed to understand what direction to take in my career and life and how to get there, I decided to start with a coach. I met Myriam in person and chose her to be “my” coach because of her charisma and her personal professional experience. After 4 months I’m more convinced than ever that I have made the right choice, so much so that I have started recommending her to the people that are closest to me and that I value. First of all, I became aware of the challenges and obstacles that I needed to take care of or remove from my path. Then I found it very helpful to work with an action plan to achieve the goals that are important to me. Above all, I realized that I can really believe in myself. When working with Myriam I especially appreciate that she can be an anchor during “turbulence”, and that she is tenacious and professional.”
• Dr. Katia Triggiani Marketing Program Manager at Fujitsu Technology Solutions S.p.A
Milano (Italy)

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Myriam both as a manager for international business development and as coach – she is an experienced, reliable and creative professional! Myriam possesses the rare quality of listening attentively and developing out-of-the box solutions and ideas, always focused on obtaining best possible results. Her positive approach to professional and personal life is virtually contagious!”
Marta Traverso Project Manager & Market Entry Consultant, Berlin (Germany)

I really enjoyed having Myriam as my coach. When we first began coaching, I wanted to work on my business ideas. However, in the first couple sessions Myriam helped me realize there were other items I needed to address that, if left unmanaged, could impede my business success. Myriam helped me devise strategies to eliminate these blockers. I appreciated her persistent and targeted questions that took me where I needed to go. Coaching with Myriam was a great experience.”
Demetris Booth Managing Program Director at Congruent Minds, Zurich (Switzerland)

Clarity & Actions Sessions

“Myriam is an excellent career coach, who works highly efficiently and to the point. She was guiding the coaching session in a very clear manner, having always clear perspectives and innovative ideas. At the same time, she was highly flexible and was able to immediately adapt to new issues brought into the discussion by myself. The session we had took place in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and yet had an optimum of outcome for me. Although the session dates back some time, the results still have a great impact and inspiration. I know quite some coaches, but Myriam was outstanding. Definitely, this will not be last time I asked Myriam for coaching. I can highly recommend her and I am sure I am not the only one.”
• Dr. Volker Eyert Assistant Professor at University of
Augsburg (Germany)

“I had the pleasure to have coaching sessions with Myriam. She helped me focus on issues and to untie the knots I was facing in my personality as well as my ideas to success. My sessions with her uncovered major obstacles that I saw disappear much more easily than I had envisaged, and some of them I was able to immediately turn to opportunities and strengths with Myriam’s creative outlook, intellectual provocation, and inspiration. I have come out of her sessions as a more focused and inspired leader, which has already brought me success. I have decided to consult Myriam for any future hurdles and creative inspiration and recommend her highly to everyone else. She is subtle and very effective.”
Amit Mahajan Entrepreneur, Vienna (Austria)

My logo was my first testimonial

Alessandro Canu, a talented Creative Director participated in one of Myriam Callegarin’s first Group Coaching Programs in 2008. Alessandro had never experienced coaching before. After completion of the program, he offered Myriam his testimonial: the logo as his own description of coaching with her. Myriam loved it because it captured the essence of her values and mission in her work, so it became her logo.
• Alessandro Canu, Creative Director, Barcelona (Spain)
www.alessandro-canu.com Password: creativity

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