Multicultural Team Development

Misunderstandings and conflicts can arise very easily when leading multicultural or virtual international teams. Very often, such conflicts are subtle and not easily recognizable, but they can have a very negative impact on the team’s productivity.

How we can help

We design and facilitate experiential Multicultural Team Workshops that allow team members to:

  • See themselves through the eyes of their colleagues and develop a deeper cultural awareness;
  • Recognize the hidden triggers for conflict, and learn how to overcome them positively;
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively in person and remotely (email, phone, video-conferencing, etc.);
  • Learn how to leverage different views and habits in order to create ‘Our-Team’s-Way’ of relating, communicating and working together.

We also provide Follow-Up Workshops and Team Coaching to help the team to develop new behaviours and implement the learnings.

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    "Myriam has an amazing way of sharing powerful insights that engages everyone around her."
    William Arruda
    President of Reach Personal Branding, New York (USA)
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