Global Leadership Development

We work with Leaders and High Potentials in multinational organizations, helping them to accelerate their ability to develop high performing teams and achieve excellent business results in challenging foreign markets. For example, we work with them when they want to:

  • Prepare to skillfully navigate the challenges of an international assignment
  • Overcome resistance and boost the performance of their local, multicultural or international teams
  • Develop their global business and leadership competence in order to move to the next level in their career

How we can help

Through a combination of assessments, executive coaching and training we help global managers and executives to:

  • ‘Crack the code’ and understand how to build trust and engage employees, team members and customers in unfamiliar markets.
  • Learn how to skillfully manage their key stakeholders’ different expectations, for example in the Headquarters and in various subsidiaries.
  • Understand how to mediate between the Headquarter’s requirements and local markets’ requirements and thus move international projects forward without unneccessary delays.
  • Remain visible in the Headquarters and locally, and build a positive reputation that helps them to advance their career.

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