October 29: Leaders Exchange on Self-Confidence

By Myriam Callegarin • October 12th, 2009

Moving forward togetherWhether you want to

  • get more support from your team
  • ask for a promotion
  • get a new job
  • start or grow your business

what could a stronger self-confidence do to your success?

Join an empowering discussion like no other!

Join a solution-oriented, thought-provoking and inspiring  discussion with managers, executives, professionals and business owners at our next Leaders Exchange on the 29th of October.

Here’s exactly what you will get:

  • you take part in a solution-oriented discussion with like-minded professionals
  • you hear how others are managing challenges similar to yours
  • you take part in group-coaching with a professional coach
  • you learn how to tap into your inner strenght
  • you receive support to set up your next-step action plan

This will enable you to:

  • overcome your fear of rejection
  • ask for what you are worth knowing that you will get it
  • gain a new perspective about your team’s role
  • approach your boss for a promotion even if he/she had said no before
  • sell your services with confidence

“I have been part of 2 conference calls and was every time impressed by how structured and focused you lead those calls. It is an amazing feeling to share experiences and opinions with like-minded people from three continents. The atmosphere during those calls is full of respect and curiosity and we had interesting discussions that led to positive conclusions. I have learned a lot during the last couple of months and I feel very honoured to be part of this circle.
Thank you for taking the initiative and for bringing us together. I look forward to our next calls.”


How to make the most of this session

Think about how a stronger self-confidence could improve your leadership skills, your career or business. Then send us a short email by October 27 about:

  1. The current challenges you are facing and that are preventing you to work with full confidence
  2. What you would like to get from this Leaders Exchange Call
  3. What type of support you would like to receive from/give to the group

This will help us address your specific needs and thus provide  greater value to you and everyone else on the call.

Confidentiality: Any information you will send us will treated with 100% confidentiality. We will not disclose your name. We will collect all emails and bundle them by topic, in order to move forward more effectively.

“The most inspiring part about the Leaders Exchange calls is the opportunity to share and discuss ideas about great topics with like-minded people. Every month, Myriam briefly introduces the main topic, and I find she hosts the call really well.
Being able to reach out, give and receive good comments for issues we all experience in our daily work is really valuable, and it can improve our performance in business. The calls have given me guidance on how to handle some challenges I have been facing recently.
I look forward to our next Leaders Exchange Call!”

Karin van den Berg-Hulshoff
After Sales Promotions & Processes at Honda Motor Europe
The Netherlands

“I’ve been participating in the calls since June because I find that learning how others are interacting with employees or business associates is important. And also how to encourage others to engage and do either their job or participate in their business with more motivation.”
Danielle Parsons
Founder and owner of Parsons Marketing
Washington (USA)

How to join our next call

Our next Leaders Exchange Call will take place on:

Thursday, 29th October 2009

8:30 p.m. Rome (Central European Time)

(7:30 p.m. London / 5:30 p.m. New York / 12:30 a.m Los Angeles)

Duration: 1 hour

click here for other time zones

LOCATION: Worldwide

FORMAT: Tele-Conference call to a US telephone number. You can access the call via telephone or Skype.

FOCUS: Self-Leadership & Confidence


Please note: Your telephone provider will charge their standard telephone costs separately. Use can also use Skype or purchase a VoipCheap telephone card.

BONUS: You gain free access to our private “Inner Circle” forum, where you can continue your discussions in a safe environment.

Advance payment is required. In order to register, please pay here:

Upon receipt of your payment you will receive the access details to join the call.

Any Questions?

Please contact us, we’ll be happy to answer.

We look forward to a great, inspiring and empowering discussion!


Myriam hosted another great call with the Global Leaders Circle. Many businesses have been challenged during the recent recession. Members were sharing how they are overcoming their own challenges.

Some tips I have learned is that I need to focus in on any area that needs attention and decide what action needs to be taken. If a process is not working, what can I do to bring the desired result.

Team members have also shared how they seek input from people that are working for them.

I look forward to the call later this month and appreciate Myriam’s efforts in leading our group.

Danielle Parsons

By Myriam Callegarin on November 9th, 2009 at 7:13 pm

Thank you Danielle!

I really enjoy connecting with all you guys during our monthly “get-together”.

Your contributions are always thought-provoking and inspiring, thanks for your active participation!

The recording of our October Leaders Exchange is ready for download at http://www.effective-actions.com/projects/global-leaders-circle/

All the best to you and greetings from Italy,


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