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Why a US-Expat Executive upset her European team

A US American executive had been sent to Germany as an EMEA Finance Director. I’ll call her Mary. Her team was spread out across Europe and the Middle East, and most of their communications were via email. Mary was complaining that some members of her team  were not replying her emails, and when she met […]

3 Tips for Preventing Career Stagnation after Repatriation

I will never forget a colleague’s radical transformation as an expat executive. When I first met him back in 1994, he was based in Saudi Arabia. He told me he had been developing challenging markets and moving with his family across the Middle East and North Africa every 2 or 3 years. He reported it […]

Five Personality Traits that Help You Succeed Abroad

Working in a foreign environment can be challenging. You are faced with behaviours that you sometimes do not fully understand, you need to build relationships with foreign colleagues, employees and business partners, and you need to handle a high amount of stress. Even so, working internationally enriches you in ways you would never experience otherwise. […]

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google: “Everyone needs a Coach”

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google on the value of coaching Do you agree?

The Seven Steps to Merger Excellence

Here’s a great article by Sandy Weiner on how to successfully integrate two different corporate cultures after a merger. The article highlights the five critical issues that hinder M & A success and outlines a 7-Step Model to manage these issues. Seven Steps to Merger Excellence Mergers and acquisitions often create winners and losers at […]

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