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5 Key Abilities of Highly Effective Global Leaders

As a global leader, for example as an expatriate or manager working with international teams, sooner or later you will be confronted with situations that leave you disoriented and frustrated. Besides the emotional charge, such situations can have a strong impact on performance and business results. In this article you will learn why a German […]

Why a US-Expat Executive upset her European team

A US American executive had been sent to Germany as an EMEA Finance Director. I’ll call her Mary. Her team was spread out across Europe and the Middle East, and most of their communications were via email. Mary was complaining that some members of her team  were not replying her emails, and when she met […]

The Not-So-Obvious Success of a Global Manager

Today’s world is highly connected and globalized. Managers and executives who work internationally are used to communicating and travelling across the globe, both for business and for pleasure. It would seem obvious that they automatically knew how to successfully interact with people from different nationalities and cultures. So much so that several organizations assume that […]

EPWN Munich: How to Build a Strong Partnership with Your Boss

The relationship you have with your boss is probably the most important one in your career: it affects your performance, your salary, your career advancement, as well as your work satisfaction. How can you effectively lead upwards and improve your relationship? Find out how! Join us at the upcoming event organized by the European Professional […]

How to Stay Calm and Focused When Work Gets Crazy

Frequent distractions, troubles with the team, a difficult customer can make us lose perspective and become scattered. It is easy to make bad decisions that have an impact on our work performance, and ultimately on our personal well-being. During our last Leaders Exchange we looked for ways to overcome overwhelm and stress, and to feel […]

What Makes a Global Business Leader

In this short video, J. Frank Brown, dean of the INSEAD Business School and author of the book ‘The Global Business Leader: Practical Advice for Success in a Transcultural Marketplace‘ provides a good picture of what it takes to be successful as a leader in today’s global marketplace. Among others, he explains that how you […]

What is Executive Coaching

I like the definition of Executive Coaching by Andrew Neitlich, Director of the Center for Executive Coaching: Executive coaching is an efficient, high-impact process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles improve results in ways that are sustained over time. It is efficient, unlike traditional consulting assignments, because it does not require invasive processes, large […]

How to strengthen your network of professional relationships

If you needed a new job tomorrow, would you get it? Do you know where your next client will come from? Most professionals answer with an uncertain “No“. They are so busy putting out fires that they neglect aspects that are crucial for their success, like the quality of their relationship with key stakeholders. Following […]

Women leading change: Interview with the President of Coca Cola in Germany

The European Professional Women Association interviewed Béatrice Guillaume-Grabisch, the Germany Business Unit President of the Coca-Cola Company. She has more than 25 years of professional experience in the areas of executive management and marketing and sales with various leading companies in the consumer goods industry. In a very open interview for EuropeanPWN, she shares her […]

The Real Reason Behind Your Desire for Change

A Sales Manager in a large multinational company recently approached me, feeling at a loss:  he was happy because he had been offered a higher leadership position within his division, but at the same time he was unhappy because, deep inside, he was longing for a totally different, more meaningful work. This deep desire had […]

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